Motorsport Team from San Diego, CA

We are Palomar Racing. Based in San Diego, we began as a small vintage racing team run by brothers Andy and Mike Anderson around 2018.

2022 E2/ST5 Challenge

E2/ST5 Challenge

2022 National Auto Sport Association

2023 WRL

2023 World Racing League

8 event, 16 race schedule

We’ve continued to expand with more vintage cars as well as launching the Palomar Racing 2022 ST5/E2 Challenge. With primary drivers Nik Romano and Matt Million, we have achieved the NASA Western Endurance Racing Championship title in E2 and NASA SoCal ST5 Championship. Million delivered the 2022 NASA ST5 National Championship in September. We finished the year with a 3rd in E2 at NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill in December.

For 2023, we enter World Racing League with our BMW E36’s in the competitive GP1 category. Aiming for both the Mid-West and National Championships, our season includes visits to Barber, Mid-Ohio, Road America, VIR, Road Atlanta, High Plains, Hallett, and COTA. Follow along as we stream live!

The Cars

38 “Rock Vest”

1968 Datsun Fairlady

In January 2018 We began the campaign to reintroduce Rock’s car to those who hadn’t seen the old girl in some 25 years. What kind of shape was the car in…first stop a shakedown at Buttonwillow. Then off to the start of the VARA season, at Spring Mountain, and Willow Springs… How about 1st in class and first overall in the first 2 events.

1969 BMW 2002

The story begins in the early 80’s, Andy shows his little brother what a four wheel drift feels like, on PCH with Mike in the back of his 2002tii, the start of our Journey?

73 Col. Franklin & Dave McDowell

1968 Datsun Fairlady

In the 1960’s Col. George Franklin, a retired WWII Fighter pilot races a MGA because racing is the closest thing he can find to flying fighter planes. A new car is beginning to show promise in his division and looks quite formidable, the Datsun Roadster. In 1968, he was convinced by his friend Jim Fitzgerald to purchase a Datsun Fairlady from Macon Datsun in Georgia.

1968 Ginetta G16/001

Founded in 1958 by the four Walklett brothers in the UK, Ginetta has a long and successful history of producing hand-built road and race cars. Many are familiar with the more common G4 originally built as a road car though successfully campaigned as a sports racer with over 500 produced. Some have had the pleasure to have seen its successor, the dominating G12 of which 28 were built.

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