Palomar Racing will campaign a BMW E36 to compete and win in NASA’s very competitive WERC E2 and Super Touring ST5 classes. The Challenge has been accepted. Palomar Racing will build the car and Nik Romano will guide us through the NASA rules and anchor our drivers to be named later to create a team that can not only win but dominate.

But first we need to see what we have. In true team spirit, what better way than to go straight to a race. So we go to Buttonwillow for reconnaissance. We will compete in the weekends ST5 races with our clown car, and we will get a chance to see what a WERC race is all about. Initial reports of the car on Friday were varied, its ok but the brakes are terrible. Seems underpowered but…so the first reaction is in, not really a class championship steed, but we would need to wait for our driver Nik Romano who would sit in the seat for the first time Saturday morning for practice.

As Friday comes to a close and we get ready to watch the Enduro a friend pops into our pit and asks, do you have your drivers gear? We could use a pit crew. LOL, here we go again, seems everytime we show up to a NASA event we become a pit crew. Well it seems it was meant to be, not only do we get to help Team Goneppo win the race and clinch the championship, but we fortuitously meet a young man who will become a new member of our team and co-driver to Nik, welcome to the team, Matt Million.

2022 E2/ST5 CHALLENGERacing Schedule & Results
October 2021 ButtonwillowJan 2022 Buttonwillow—ST5 season openerFebruary 2022 Willow SpringsMarch 2022 California SpeedwayApril 2022 ButtonwillowJune 2022 California SpeedwayJuly 2022 NASA UtahNASA National ChampionshipThe 25 Hours of ThunderhillPalomar Racing Challenge Review

Saturday and Sunday went much better than we deserved, We were gifted a win on Saturday, and Sunday Nik frankly drove like a man possessed in order to secure a sweep on the weekend. What did we learn from this successful debut…? The car is crap, we need a complete rebuild. Great and the first race is announced as early January, of course.

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